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C.E.R.T. Restoration LLC offers various services that you can choose from. No matter what caused damage to your property – be it water, fire, storm, or some other disaster – we are ready to meet all of your cleanup and restoration needs.

We will customize our services according to your specific restoration requirements.

Our services include:

Leak Detection
When leaks go unchecked and unrepaired, it can start a flood, promote mold growth, and damage your property’s structural integrity. Our leak detection service includes checking behind walls, burst water pipes, irrigation systems, exterior walls, failed shower pans, water intrusion through the roof, and more.
Water Extraction
Has your property been flooded? If you require water extraction services, you can rely on our experts to provide you with the assistance that you need. We use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to provide you with a thorough water extraction service.
De-Humidification and Drying
Oftentimes, water extraction services are not enough to remove all of the moisture from your property after a water damage incident. Water can hide under the flooring, behind walls, or in your vents. This is where our de-humidification and drying service can help. We use advanced equipment and techniques to ensure that all moisture is removed from the air.
Mold Remediation
Mold can build up over time in damp areas, it can also grow in areas where water damage isn’t properly mitigated. With our mold remediation services, we can clean and remove any mold damage that is present in your residential or commercial property.
Hurricane/Storm Damage
If your property has experienced damage from a hurricane or a storm, you can rely on our restoration experts to provide the services that you need. We can provide 24/7 emergency services, storm damage assessment, wind damage repair, structural stabilization, reconstruction services, and more.
Fire, Smoke, and Soot Damage
If your property has been damaged by fire, it is highly important for you to contact a company that specializes in fire, smoke, and soot restoration to prevent further damage to your property. This is where we can help you. With our expertise, we can provide smoke odor removal, soot cleaning, 24/7 emergency services, emergency board up, air purification, and more.
Property Board Up
If you need property board up services, you can depend on us for help. We will secure and board up your property immediately after any type of disaster to mitigate damages and start the restoration processes as quickly as possible.
Debris Removal
Disasters leave a lot of debris and damage behind. To ensure the structural integrity, cleanliness, and safety of your property, we can remove any and all debris left behind after any disaster that strikes your property. We will use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that every debris is removed.
Flood and Sewage Damage
Whether water damage is due to flooding from a storm, a burst water heater, a broken pipe, or a failed sewer back up, you can rely on us to restore your property. We specialize in flood and sewage damage and we can provide services such as water extraction, sewage removal, basement pump out, and more.
Direct Insurance Billing
Need help with your insurance coverage after a disaster? Allow our consultants to help you with direct insurance billing.
Roof Tarping
We can provide Roof Tarping services after a storm or hurricane. This service includes cleaning your roof from debris and locating any leak areas that need to be covered. We then cover the leak area with a tarp to prevent further leaking and potential structural damage on your home until you decide to conduct permanent repairs on your roof.

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