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We make sure our services and materials are worth the cost for your restoration needs. Check out the price list of the services we offer below.

1 Sanitize your Property!
Our experienced staff is working 24/7 to clean and disinfect homes and businesses in South Florida. Starting from $0.50-$0.75 per sq ft.
1 Labor Rate:
(2) Technician
Hourly Rate:
2 Spray & Treat With Mildicide: (Includes room & base trim)
3 Laminate / Wood Floor Removal
4 Air Mover: $35 Each per day (3 day min.)
5 Dehumidifier: $145 to remove moisture from walls and furniture
6 Air Scrubbers: $165 to remove mold spores or dust particles
7 Air Movers for extra days $35 each per day
8 Dehumidifiers for extra days $145 each per day
9 Cavity Dryers: $185 each day (3 day min.)
10 Cavity Dryer(s) for extra days $185 each day (3 day min.)
18 Dump Fee $220
19 Changing Filters On The Dehumidifiers & Air Scrubber (2 Filter) at $32 Each
23 Job Processing Fee (10 Hours)
*Typing Drying Logs. *Printing And Scanning Paper Work.
*Storing All Pictures In A Back Up *Collecting Check